CNI News

10 June 2024

Undocumented foreigners, workers whose jobs are different from those described on their permits and passport holders with no permits in Malaysia were being arrested, Myanmar people who are staying in Malaysia told CNI News.

The Malaysian government probably would not issue new permits to foreign migrants because it wanted to reduce the number of foreign migrant workers, U Barbu Gyi who is helping Myanmar citizens in Malaysia, told CNI News.

" In my opinion, The Malaysian government probably won't issue the residence permits anymore. The Malaysian authorities are mainly arresting undocumented foreigners who entered illegally, documented people whose residence permits have expired and the workers whose jobs are different from those described on their permits." he said.

The Myanmar people have warned that workers should not believe brokers who are saying that they will perform to get permits for workers. 

If the people who had documents and no permits were arrested, they would be sent back to their native countries and some of them would be punished like undocumented people reportedly. 

While the Malaysian authorities concerned are checking suspects

If the workers whose jobs are different from those described on their permits were checked on the way, they would not be arrested. However, if they were checked at their factories, they would be arrested, Ko Par who lives in Malaysia told CNI News.

" The current arrests are different from the arrests in the past. There are a lot of workers without work permits here. Undocumented workers were mainly arrested in the past. If you had any documents, you would be released in the past, but now although you have passport, if you don't have permit, you will be arrested. And you will be arrested if your job is different from that described on your work permit." he said.

The Malaysian authorities have announced that they will issue Ricarli Braci permits in the end of June at the latest. Moreover, because the number of not only legal but also illegal alien workers is more than necessity, there are criticisms about it in Malaysia.

In addition to the planned arrests, the Malaysian authorities are also arresting because of Malaysian citizens' complaints. So, migrant workers who have arrived in Malaysia are facing more difficulties. 

The Malaysian authorities both in uniform and in mufti are going to the places where migrant foreigners tend to stay and arresting illegal people reportedly.