CNI News

10 June 2024

The Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) has made preparations to get ready for military and political affairs in Rakhine State where battles are taking place, Major Khine Thurein, general secretary of the ALP told CNI News. 

The ALP was on the way to political dialogue and it had made preparations to get ready for the security at the current time when battles were breaking out, he said. 

" Politically, we are on the way to dialogue. And we have made preparations to get ready for our security." said Major Khine Thurein to CNI News.

170 joint troops that contained the Myanmar Tatmadaw, some of the ALP troops and Muslim troops trained by the Myanmar Tatmadaw blocked around Byaing Byu Village and tortured and killed the villagers, stated the Arakan Army (AA) on 2nd June, 2024. 

While seeing a crossroads in Rakhine State

However, the Myanmar Tatmadaw and the ALP denied the statement and said that it was spreading a piece of fake news and just a one-sided accusation.

Because the ALP was collaboratively active with the Myanmar Tatmadaw, it might protect the Rakhine public, but it could not protect the public at present, a resident of Sittwe, told CNI News.

" The ALP is working in collaboration with the military council, which is a disturbance to the Rakhine people because it doesn't stand firmly with the Rakhine people. Men were tortured and killed and some women were raped at Byaing Byu Village, according to the villagers. The ALP might be able to protect from doing like this because it was working with the military council. Because it could not prevent from doing like this, that happened." he said.

While seeing the ALP Force

If the problem arose from seeking the AA troops in the village because they could be there, he wanted to ask a question why four women were raped, he added. The ALP was working on security with the Myanmar Tatmadaw, said locals. 

Although it was right that a tragedy took place in Byaing Byu Village, the ALP didn't involve in the commitment and all the organizations in Rakhine State were responsible for the casualties  of the Rakhine people, Major Khine Thurein told CNI News.

" All the organizations in Rakhine State are responsible for the casualties of the Rakhine people. If the battles were reduced, the casualties of the innocent people would be reduced. At last, there will be no casualties. So, negotiation and discussion should be conducted so that battles could be reduced." he said.

The ALP is a Rakhine EAO that has signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA).