CNI News

27 February 2024

Thai immigration has tightened Myanmar citizens who come to Maesot with border pass more than before, those who are helping in the affairs of migrant workers, told CNI News. 

Myanmar people who come to the Thai side with 7-day border pass through on the Myawady-Maesot No.1 Friendship Bridge are allowed to enter only if legal residents in Maesot recommend them, according to those helping migrant workers.

Moreover, although border pass holders were allowed to stay in Tak District in the past, they have been allowed to stay in Maesot only, Thai immigration has restricted, Ko Thargyi, a person who is helping in the affairs of migrant workers, told CNI News.

While seeing Myanmar people in Thailand

" Myanmar immigration came and told not to restrict, but Thai immigration didn't accept it. A very bad thing is that if a Myanmar national holding a border pass has backpack, although he could stay in Tak District for seven days, they suspected him that he could go to Bangkok or Chiangmai, they sent him back. These issues could be solved by senior government officials concerned, I think. If a legal resident didn't come and see, those holding border passes wouldn't be allowed to enter. When the number of people has increased, it's getting worse. What's this big bridge for? Myanmar people are passing on the bridge legally. They must be received according to existing laws. Suspect is only personal opinion. So, national level senior officials need to help about it effectively." he said.  

Tak District Immigration Department stated on 22nd February that the people who live in Tak District (Maesot) must report the list of guests who stay in their rented places.

Moreover, there have been an increase in the number of checks and arrests regarding undocumented people in Maesot and Myanmar authorities might have sent the list of people that must not be accepted to the Thai immigration department, U Min Oo, in charge of labor affairs from the foundation for Education and Development (FED), told CNI News.

Thai-Myanmar border bridge

" Thai police and security forces are going around to check the suspected people whether they are documented or undocumented. They arrest undocumented people. Some of the vendors there are undocumented. They were arrested, I heard. Border pass is not the rights to sell goods. It's just for shopping or visiting. If Myanmar people couldn't give the information they ask, some of them are sent back and others are blacklisted." he said.  

While the number of Myanmar citizens has increased to leave for Thailand after the People's Military Service Law was approved in Myanmar, Thailand has tightened Myanmar citizens like that. Thai PM Srettha said a few days ago that Myanmar citizens who would come to Thailand legally would be welcomed and those who would come illegally would be taken action against.

Moreover, Bangkok Post reported that Thai Defense Minister Sutin Klungsang said that activities against the Myanmar Tatmadaw within Thailand were being closely watched.