CNI News

27 February 2024

There have been more toll booths on the Myla trade route and costs are rising more than ever, said traders. 

The number of toll booths has increased along the road going to the Myla border trade camp and the amount of money that has to be paid has increased as well since early 2024 reportedly.

Although it only cost about 60 lakh kyats to take a truck loaded with watermelon to Myla in the past, now it has cost 100 lakh kyats, Ko Thitsar, a watermelon trader, told CNI News.

While seeing trucks

" We had to pay 2, 3, 17, and 5 lakh kyats to the toll booths one after another on the way to Myla. When we arrived in Myla, it cost us 100 lakh kyats. In the past, it cost us 50 or 60 lakh kyats in the past. Although it cost you 100 lakh kyats, truck owners weren't paid well. For the time being, watermelon farmers, watermelon brokers and truck owners sell what they have and pay the debt." he said.

Because the amount of money that has to be paid for the toll booths has increased, goods imported from China have to be sold at a higher price. So, consequences have impacted on the consumer people more, said traders.

Although the number of toll booths and the money that has to be paid for them have increased, any group did not guarantee security, Ko Htut, a truck driver, told CNI News.

While seeing somewhere in Myla (EPA)

" As soon as we start leaving, we have to pay. No matter from where we load goods, for example from Daik Oo or Myla. We don't dare to ask what the toll booth is. If they ask for money, we have to pay them. If three armed men stopped us to ask for money, we would have to pay them. There has been an increase in the number of toll booths and the amount of money they ask has increased as well. A toll booth that we had to pay about 1,000 kyats now has asked for 50,000 kyats. But any group hasn't guarantee for our security. Traders, Truck owners and truck drivers are working fearfully." he said.

Motorcar traffic has been closed along Taunggyi, Hopong, Mong Pan, Loilem road at present because battles are breaking out in Hopong and Loilem Townships.

So, Myla border trade has been suspended for the time being since 20th February 2024 reportedly.