CNI News

26 January 2024

The Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP/SSA) and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA/PSLF) are contending for administration in Namkham Township. 

The SSPP called  meetings and told village administrators from some villages  in Namkham Township and to recruit new troops in early January 2024. 

After that, the TNLA sent a letter to the SSPP and informed not to conduct recruitment, building military and administration mechanisms, and money collection on 21st January 2024.

If the negotiations were conducted between the allies, it would be convenient, Lwe Chi Sangar, spokesperson from the Ta'ang Women's Organization (TWO), told CNI News.


While seeing the letter sent to the SSPP by the TNLA

" If the negotiation and consultation were conducted between the northern allies, it would be more convenient, I think." she said. The TNLA captured Namkham on 19th December 2023 during the Operation-1027 launched by the Three Brotherhood Alliance on 27th October 2023.

After that, the TNLA called and told village administrators in Namkham Township to take a census in early January. And then the TNLA met and discussed with businessmen in the town about the tax issues reportedly.

Revolutionary forces would not retreat from the towns that they have already captured. However, a lot of disputes relating to territorial ownership might emerge, U Myo Kyaw, spokesperson of the United Nationalities Alliance, told CNI News.

"The scope of the revolution has widened now. In my opinion, there will most of Shan people in Namkham. But the TNLA, a member of the Three Brotherhood Alliance, has captured that township. So, the TNLA won't withdraw from the Territory that it has captured for the time being. So, there will be a little conflict between the TNLA and locals, Shan people. Not only in Namkham Township, there also might be a little conflict like this in other places." he said.

While seeing the TNLA force in front of the Namkham Township Court

The organizations concerned should meet and negotiate to find a solution rather than resolving by arms, he added.  Most of the people living in Namkham Township are Shan nationalities.

Moreover, Myanmar-born Chinese people, government employees, and Burmese who came and settled from the mainland live in the township. In addition, Kachin and Palaung people also are living in the nearby villages and mountains.

Currently, the SSPP is increasing its troops in Namkham Township and it has been active in the town as well. 

The TNLA also is making preparations to establish an administration in the township that it has captured after fighting against the Tatmadaw.