CNI News

23 January 2024

A battle broke out between the Pa-O National Liberation Army (PNLA/PNLO) and the Pa-O National Organization (PNO) because the negotiation did not go well, Lt-Col Khun Tun Shwe from the PNO, told CNI News. 

During the battle, a troop from the PNLO was killed and several troops from the PNO were injured, he said, adding that the PNLO set fire to the ammunitions they were carrying.

" Their cars came from the north. I didn't know where they came from. When they arrived in the Naung Yang Gate, they didn't stop. So, we chased them. We exchanged fire with them at San Phoo Village near Hopong. A troop from them was killed. Some of our troops were injured as well. Next day, negotiation was conducted. But it was inconvenient. And then, they set fire to the ammunitions that they had carried. Explosions took place from which many houses of the village were burnt down." said Lt-Col Khun Tun Shwe to CNI News.

While seeing the PNO force

Although CNI contacted the PNLO to find out its position regarding the destruction of weapons and ammunition, Maj Khun Min Thein from the PNLO did not answer the question, but he told that the battle took place. 

A convoy with five motorcars in which people who put on the PNLO uniform were checked and a small fighting took place. And then weapons and ammunitions exploded.

After that, 27 houses of San Phoo Village were burnt down, the State Administration Council stated on 21st January 2024. Relevant authorities are carrying out to help the people affected by the fire and armed groups needed to have mutual respect, Lt-Col Khun Tun Shwe told CNI News.

While seeing the PNLO force

" They are an NCA signatory and they might see that we are an illegal group. But they need to inform us that they will pass our gates. There should be mutual respect among armed groups that we had negotiated and agreed to it. Because they didn't want to be checked, the problem like that happened." he said.

Three forces including Major Khun Min Thein from the Liaison Office of the PNLO in Taunggyi were summoned and met by the Tatmadaw on 21st January 2024. 

The PNO was allowed to govern the Pa-O region which was designated as Special Region-6 after peace was achieved with the Tatmadaw.

After that, Pa-O Autonomous Region that contains Pinlaung, Sesai and Hopong Townships has been ruled by the MNO.

PNLO/PNLA is an NCA signatory and has been active in Sesai, Hopong and Mawkmai townships in Shan State. Mawkmai is designated as the headquarters of the PNLO.