CNI News

22 January 2024

Although commodities cannot be transported to the northern Shan, Rakhine States and Myawady trade camps, highway freight rates are not affected, according to the Myanmar Highway Freight Transportation Services Association.  

The road to the China-Myanmar border trade gates in northern Shan State and the one to the Myanmar-Thailand border trade gate, Myawady, could not be used due to the battles, but because commodities could be transported to China and Thailand through southern and eastern Shan State border gates, Myanmar's flow of goods were not damaged, U Kyin Thein, chairman of the Myanmar Highway Freight Transportation Services Association, told CNI News.  

while seeing trucks

"This is open season when flow of goods is strong. Trucks go from Yangon to Myla or Tachileik in southern and eastern Shan State. Border trade is operating. Because we can't go to the northern Shan State, we have to go to Myla in the eastern part of Shan State, a border gate trading with China. Trading with Thailand is conducted through  Kengtung and Tachileik. All the goods that will go to northern Shan State must be firstly carried to Myla in eastern Shan State. When the goods are sent to Myawady, if it's impossible to transport by big trucks, we have to use light trucks." he said.

Although there is no flow of goods with northern Shan State, Rakhine State and Myawady as a border trade, the flow of goods has been regular in other Regions and States. Because the present period is the open season, highway freight is convenient, a highway freight entrepreneur, told CNI News.

while seeing trucks

" At present, highway freight is being conducted. Highway trucks are going to southern and eastern parts of Shan State, and Yangon, Mawlamyine, Yay, Myeik, Dawei, Pa-an, but not to Myawady. We can go to Myitkyina and Monywa as well. And we go to Shwebo, Pakokku, Magway, Yangon, Pathein. Now that it's the open season, we are going in this way until May. As soon as the rainy season come, only 50 percent of trucks go and come." he said.

Highway freight cannot be stopped. If a route was closed, another usable one would be used, said businessmen.

If regular routes were closed, there might be exorbitant increase in freight charges because other routes might be delayed and there might have difficulties on the way. However, if highway freight stopped, although commodities would be abundant in some places, there would be areas where goods are scarce and expensive.