CNI News

28 February  2024

The number of Myanmar people who enter Malaysia illegally has increased more than before, Myanmar organizations in Malaysia told CNI News.

Although Thai authorities have tightened Myanmar nationals more soon after the mandatory military service law was approved in Myanmar, Malaysia has not taken action anything up to now, U Barbu Gyi, a person who is helping in the affairs of Myanmar citizens, told CNI News.

“There is not anything taking action targeting Myanmar citizens in Malaysia. Illegal foreign workers are arrested. Foreigners are illegally entering Malaysia like before. But the number of foreigners who illegally enter Malaysia has increased lately. There have been arrests both in the past and at present near the border. Groups that contains about 10 people each are often arrested. There are daily arrests. The people from Myanmar are entering Malaysia almost everyday. In my opinion, later more and more Myanmar people have entered Malaysia, estimating based on the number of people who are arrested." he said.

While seeing illegal residents who were arrested in Malaysia

Many illegal Myanmar people are expecting to go home through CI program and all undocumented foreigners and overstayers including Myanmar people will be allowed to go home starting from 1st March, 2024, Malaysia stated on 31st January 2023.

 When the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs stated it, many Myanmar people wanted to go home because the People's Military Service Law was not approved in Myanmar and the statement was welcomed. 

However, the mandatory military service law has been approved, the number of Myanmar people want to go home has to be watched, Ko Thet, chairman of the Lovely Heart Philanthropic Myanmar Youth Blood Donor Group, told CNI News.

While seeing illegal residents who were arrested in Malaysia

" Residence permits were no more in December 2023. Overstayers were not allowed at that time as well. But they will be allowed to go home in the end of this month. Those who stay illegally here will be allowed go back their motherland on 1st March, 2024 reportedly. The news of it has not come out exactly. But we will konw in the end of this month if the news is right or not. Everyone was waiting for this news. But because the mandatory military service law has been approved, some said they wouldn't go home." he said.

There are regular arrests in Malaysia. Employers have wanted workers holding work permits reportedly. However, workers with no permits get jobs with the help of other people. Although employment is not abundant in Malaysia, there are job vacancies depending workplace and places reportedly.