CNI News
24 February 2024

It would make an effort to establish a public government based on public will, the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) announced on 22nd February, 2024.

However, the statement did not mention exactly whether it meant a public government that would rule only Ta'ang (Palaung) people or one that would rule the entire country by attempting to overthrow the Tatmadaw.

" The Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF) will administer to further improve in the issues of security, rule of law, education, health and social development in areas where the TNLA Army is based including the seven towns that have been controlled by the TNLA in the Operation-1027 and will make an effort to establish a public government that is based on the public will." said in the statement.

Moreover, together with all ethnic people in the Ta'ang region, it would protect against the forced recruitment, tax collection and interference in the public management by other ethnic groups and it would lead to achieve the political goals of the people as soon as possible, the TNLA stated.


While seeing the statement by the TNLA

The TNLA, together with the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army(MNDAA), the Arakan Army(AA), the Bamar People Liberation Army(BPLA), the People's Liberation Army(PLA), the Burma National Revolutionary Army(BNRA) and the Mandalay People's Defense Force (PDF-Mandalay), launched the Operation-1027 in northern Shan State on 27th October 2023.

After that, the TNLA was able to seize the control of Kutkai, Namkham, Mai Ngor, Nansang, Mang Ton and Namtu Towns after fighting against the Tatmadaw. However, Ta'ang (Palaung) people are being recruited by the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the MNDAA.

At present, there is a territorial dispute between the KIA and the TNLA in Kutkai Township and a military tension is breaking out between them.

In the same way, the TNLA also has a territorial dispute with SSPP in Namkham Township and a military tension is taking place between them. There is a military tension between them.