CNI News

5 December 2023

When Myanmar citizens renew their passports, it takes them about three weeks and when they apply for a new passport, it takes them about five months, those helping Myanmar citizens in Malaysia told CNI News. 

QR code system is used to make an appointment in applying for a passport and although people found it difficult because they did not get appointments in the past, now they can get the QR code within one week, Hmwar Michael, a person helping Myanmar citizens in Malaysia, told CNI News.

" Currently, it takes three weeks at most those who want to renew their passports to get an appointment. The renewal is finished within one day. Those who want to apply for new passports have to wait about five months. You can get the QR code within one week. You can make an appointment only after you got the QR code. After getting the QR code, you have to wait from two weeks to three weeks. It is easy. If you register your passport number through your email, you will receive the QR code. And then, you'll find an appointment on your email." he said.

The Malaysian Government

Myanmar Embassy in Kuala Lumpur changed to making appointments with QR code starting from 4th September. Myanmar nationals who cannot apply online skillfully will have to pay brokers between 800 and 1,800 ringgits (300,000 to 800,000 kyats) reportedly.

Ricarlibraci permit application period will expire by the end of December. So, if new passports were issued quickly, it would be convenient for Myanmar workers, suggested the people helping Myanmar people in Malaysia.

Myanmar workers who have arrived in Malaysia

" Because Malaysian citizens themselves identify legal workers and illegal workers in Malaysia, government organizations concerned must take action. There are many Myanmar workers who want to renew passports and apply for new passports before the permit is closed. It will be convenient for them if the embassy provides service as soon as possible." said U Barbu Gyi, a person helping Myanmar people in Malaysia to CNI News.

The number of foreign workers in Malaysia has increased more than before the Covid-19 pandemic. So, more and more arrests may be possible by the end of this year than previous years, the people helping Myanmar citizens told.