CNI News
3 December 2023

It may be difficult for banana export to China through Kan Pite Tee border trade, Kachin State because most of the truck drivers haven't got the Chinese border pass books aka red books, according to truck drivers.

Although red books have been issued to truck drivers at a time like this in previous years, because at present they have not been issued, some truck drivers whose red books have not expired have been allowed to drive into the Chinese side.

Those without a red book are working through the driver replacement system. There has been no difficulty because a small amount of bananas can be exported to China for the time being when bananas start coming out reportedly.

While seeing Chinese border pass book and the bananas

If the red book are not available when bananas are abundant, banana trucks may pile up at the Kan Pite Tee border and the bananas may be damaged, Ko Shan Gyi, a truck driver, CNI News.

" The red book haven't been issued. In the past, red books were issued to those who entered with banana trucks. Any driver with any registration card was issued. If the red books were not issued, it would be really difficult when the bananas were abundant. Even now, you have to hire someone who has a book to enter the Chinese side. When the bananas are abundant, banana trucks will pile up in Kan Pite Tee and the bananas will overripe and be damaged." said Ko Shan Gyi.

At present, one third of the truck drivers have got the red books and most of the drivers who will come next have not got the red books reportedly. Although there are reports that the red book will be issued early next year, it has not been clear.

Only if the red books are issued in January when the bananas will be abundant, will it be convenient, said truck drivers.

While seeing the trucks

Because the driver replacement system has to be used at the border for the drivers who have not got the red books, he got net 50,000 kyats only for the driver's fee, Ko Kalarlay, a truck driver, told CNI News.

" You get 300,000 kyats for the driver's fee. But the cost is 250,000 kyats. After driving a long distance, there will be about 50,000 left." he said.

Currently, about 300 banana trucks are entering the Chinese side each day through Kan Pite Tee border trade.