CNI News

21 November 2023

Nationalist elements protested against China to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Myanmar on 19th November 2023 because they have believed that China is behind the Operation-1027 being waged by the Three Brotherhood Alliance (AA, TNLA and MNDAA). 

Nationalist elements protested against China in front of the Chinese Embassy in Yangon and in front of the City Hall of Yangon.

They protested against China, holding handheld signs that have been written as follow: "Protest against those who interfere in the internal affairs, We don't accept the plot that the union will be disintegrated. 

This is our country - our union - our domestic affairs. Who is interfering? Protect the motherland. Let's protect the union together.

While nationalist elements were protesting against China on 19th November 2023

Moreover, they also protested holding slogan demanding China to stop supporting terrorist attacks taking place in northern Shan State.

In cooperation with the Bamar People Liberation Army (BPLA), the People's Liberation Army (PLA), the Karenni Nationalities Defense Army (KNDF), the Burmese National Revolutionary Army (BNRA), the People's Defense Force-Mandalay (PDF-MDY), the Three Brotherhood Alliance has been launching the Operation-1027 since 27th October, 2023 in Theinni, Thibaw, Naunghkio, Kyaukme, Mong Ko, Phaung Sai, Kyukote (Pang Sai), Namkham, Muse, Lashio, Chin Shwe Haw Townships. 

The operation has been attacking the Tatmadaw camps and is waging battles to capture towns and cities.

The Chinese government had probably known when or in which situation that operation would end. If China did not agree, the Three Brotherhood Alliance would not launch the operation. Moreover, China was supporting the operation, said domestic politicians and military experts.

So, the nationalist elements have been staging protests against the Chinese government in Yangon and Naypyidaw since the third week of this month.