CNI News

10 July 2024 

The Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) purposely was disturbing the part-two of Operation-1027 that was being implemented in northern Shan State, which the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) accused the SSPP in its statement that was released on 8th July 2024. 

The TNLA has been implementing the part two of Operation-1027 with the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the Arakan Army (AA) since 25th June 2024.

As a deliberate order of some central leaders, the SSPP troops were disturbing the part two of Operation-1027 in various ways, which was strongly denounced by the TNLA  that demanded to stop those actions, said in the statement released by the TNLA.

When the operation supervisory team was on the way to the Foothills Camp near Naung Pain to supervise on 5th July, it was attacked near the Naung Pain branch line by the SSPP troops and a first class military officer and the commander of Battalion-434 and the commander of the Battalion-577 and three troops were killed, said in the statement.

While seeing the statement accusing the SSPP that was released by the TNLA

When the TNLA attacked the military camps of the Myanmar Tatmadaw in Thibaw and Kyaukme Townships as the part two of Operation-1027 that started on 25th June, the Myanmar Tatmadaw handed over some of its military camps to the SSPP before it lost control of them and the SSPP forces transported the Myanmar Tatmadaw troops and opened routes, the TNLA accused the SSPP.

Although the northern alliance (MNDAA, TNLA, AA) attempted to persuade the SSPP to fight against the Myanmar Tatmadaw through holding meeting with the SSPP leaders before the part two of Operation-1027 was launched, the SSPP leaders replied that it was not ready to participate, said in the statement released by the TNLA.

However, the SSPP denied the TNLA's accusation and said it didn't disturb Operation-1027.

While seeing the letter sent to the UWSA by the SSPP

Because the TNLA entered and carried out military activities in Namkham, Thibaw, Muse, Kyaukme and Nawnghkio Townships that have been controlled by the SSPP, territorial and administration disputes between the two sides and the two EAOs disarmed and forced to move troops each other.

So, the SSPP sent a request letter to the Commander in Chief of the UWSA to restrain the actions of the TNLA on 6th July 2024.

The TNLA and the SSPP are allies and members of the FPNCC (Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Committee) led by the UWSA.