CNI News

1 April 2023

Troops of the Pa-O National Liberation Organization launched an ambush against troops of the Shan State Restoration Council, although both of them are signatories to the NCA, in Kadugyi Area in Mawkmai in Shan State (South), RCSS Spokesperson Maj Sai Kham San told the CNI.

He added that PNLO troops came to attack RCSS positions and later withdrew.

He told the CNI, "They just tried to ambush us and retreated. We did not respond to their attacks. It broke out yesterday afternoon. I am still looking at the map to pinpoint the location."

Although the CNI contacted the PNLO for the incident, the organization did not respond to the call.

The PNLO delegation arrives in Nay Pyi Taw  for peace negotiations.

After the U Thein Sein government permitted the PNLO to establish bases in Kadugyi Area, there used to be clashes between the RCSS and PNLO, according to political observers.

Maj Sai Kham San said that the RCSS would address the issue through the regular communication channel without taking military action.

He told the CNI, "We have regular communication channels. We will ask them why they ambushed us. I don't have any other comments because it was not a big clash. We will settle the issue through negotiations and by monitoring our troops not to make a military response."

Delegations of seven ceasefire EAOs including the PNLO and the RCSS.

In February, 2022, clashes between the RCSS and the PNLO broke out and there were casualties.

As both of them are signatories to the NCA, it is possible to address the issue through the Joint Monitoring Committee.

However, the functions of the JMC cannot be carried out effectively at present.